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Charm Girl is an optional modeling competition that takes place just before the State Finals. Girls have an opportunity to demonstrate their poise, grace, and communication skills as they model their party dresses and  introduce themselves on stage. This competition is unrelated to the Cinderella Finals and is adjudicated by a separate panel of judges.


We will continue to host the division for mothers! The 18 and up division will be for women ages 18 and up, who do not have children. The 18 and up Mother's division will be for women who are 18 or older and have at least 1 child. The child does not have to be a pageant participant! 

Charm Girl Registration Form 

Email completed entry forms to by May 31.

Registration will not be available at the pageant. 

Charm Winners
Age 3-4


Age 3-4- Saige Courtney            Age 13-14 Lily Nugent

Age 5-6- Remington Rayburn   Age 15-17 Kayla Smith

Age 7-8- Addison Pichette         Age 18+ Skyler Muir-Mendoza

Age 9-10 Elliana Valenzuela      Charming Mom Rori Glover

Age 11-12 Bella Rivera



Winner- Saige Courtney

1st Runner Up- Danaerys Eloise Leggett

2nd Runner Up- Moana Tavesi

3rd Runner Up- Leia Avalos

4th Runner Up- Raiylah James

Age 5-6

Winner- Remington Rayburn

1st Runner Up- Harper Medrano

2nd Runner Up- Peyton Wager

3rd Runner Up- Adelaide Prior

4th Runner Up- Adalyn Smith

Age 9-10

Winner- Elliana Valenzuela

1st Runner Up- Emery Duffin

2nd Runner Up-  Maddison Rakestraw

3rd Runner Up- Eleanor Throop

4th Runner Up- Adelyn Schulman

Age 13-14

Winner- Lily Nugent

1st Runner Up- Alyssa Brown

2nd Runner Up- Lakyn Vadasy

3rd Runner Up- Mariah Brown

4th Runner Up- Tinsley Vadasy

Age 18 and Up

Winner- Skyler Muir-Mendoza

1st Runner Up- Anissa Spurgeon

2nd Runner Up- Sophie Clyne

3rd Runner Up- Daniella Pando

4th Runner Up- Krista Ramos

Age 7-8

Winner- Addison Pichette

1st Runner Up- Brynlee Peterson

2nd Runner Up- Eliana Espinoza

3rd Runner Up- Bryn Spears

4th Runner Up- Olivia Schulman

Age 11-12

Winner- Bella Rivera

1st Runner Up- Alyssa Alcala

2nd Runner Up- Myla Camacho Curran

3rd Runner Up- Vivian Sharp

4th Runner Up- Leann Alcala

Age 15-17

Winner- Kayla Smith

1st Runner Up- Kecia Davies

2nd Runner Up- Adrianna Throop

3rd Runner Up- Adona Spackman

4th Runner Up- Isabella Bardett

 Charming Mom

Winner- Rori Glover

1st Runner Up- Stephanie Reynolds

2nd Runner Up- Julia McBride

3rd Runner Up- Julie Jones

4th Runner Up- Erika Sanchez

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