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Top Five Tots
Top Five Mini Misses

Overall Tot- Adelyn Schulman

1st Runner Up- Jamison Floyd

2nd Runner Up- MaKenzie Brown

3rd Runner Up- Kadence Brinjak

4th Runner Up- Sariah Avelar

Top Five Misses

Overall Miss- Sophia Williams

1st Runner Up- Mariah Brown

2nd Runner Up- Rikki Yentsch

3rd Runner Up- Anna Grace Bell

4th Runner Up- Kiera Bickley

Top Five Women

Overall Woman- Isabelle Glover

1st Runner Up- Melissa Hahnke

2nd Runner Up- Melanie Schepereel

3rd Runner Up- Sariah Schaaf

4th Runner Up- Elisa Tebbs

Beauty Winners

Tot- Jamison Floyd

Mini Miss- Bella Rivera

Miss- Adriana Throop

Teen- Neveah Ayers

Woman- Cory Hermanson

Photogenic Winners

Tot- Carly Berkowitz 

Mini Miss- Alyssa Alcala

Miss- Mariah Brown

Teen- Elizabeth Throop

Woman- Sariah Schaaf

Top Ten Tots

Eleanore Throop

Saylor Pritchett

Amelia Avila

Parker DeWitt

Shaeleigh Morgan

Top Ten Misses

Alyssa Brown

Lily Pritchett

Elizabeth Blair

Adriana Throop

Jasenya Masterson


Congeniality Winners

Tot (Miss Manners)- Sara Reynolds

Mini Miss- Aleesa Sanchez

Miss (tie) - Anna Grace Bell 

Teen- Jamie Schaaf

Woman- Devin Brookover

Tot Alternates

1st Alternate to Beauty- Amelia Avila

2nd Alternate to Beauty- Bristol Gold


1st Alternate to Tot Personality- Eleanor Throop

2nd Alternate to Tot Personality- Saylor Pritchett

1st Alternate to Photogenic- Eliana Espinoza

2nd Alternate to Photogenic- Anabella Fonseca

Miss Alternates

1st Alternate to Beauty- Alyssa Brown

2nd Alternate to Beauty- Jasenya Masterson

1st Alternate to Talent- Lily Pritchett

2nd Alternate to Talent- Elizabeth Blair


1st Alternate to Photogenic- Adilynn Garrett

2nd Alternate to Photogenic- Cienna Ward

Woman  Alternates


Overall Mini Miss- Jordyn Villicana

1st Runner Up- Maddie Sue Miller

2nd Runner Up- Adalee Watson

3rd Runner Up- Faith Pearson

4th Runner Up- Alyssa Alcala

Top Five Teens

Overall Teen- Gabrielle Williams

1st Runner Up- Emily Lenz

2nd Runner Up- Elizabeth Throop

3rd Runner Up- Alyse Negroni

4th Runner Up- Krista Ramos

Arizona Ambassador

Aliana Bardett

Spirit of Arizona

Devin Brookover


Overall Photogenic

Emily Lenz


 Talent/Tot Personality Winners i

Tot- Makenzie Brown

Mini Miss- Adalee Watson

Miss- Kiera Bickley

Teen- Irma Almada

Woman- Melissa Hahnke

Cover Girl Winners

Tot- Eleanor Throop

Mini Miss- Taylor Skelton

Miss- Adriana Throop

Teen- Kaylei Clark

Woman- Serena Clark

Top Ten Mini Misses

Aleesa Sanchez

Bella Rivera

Leann Alcala

Karsyn Pell

Irina Almada

Top Ten Teens

Sarah Goodman

Jamie Schaaf

Presley Martinez

Hailey Pritchett

Felicity Cauthen

Spirit of Cinderella Winners

Tot- Rori Jo Davis

Mini Miss- Vivian Sharp

Miss- Sierra Allen

Teen- Loralei Dunham

Woman- Samantha Blakely


Mini Miss Alternates

1st Alternate to Beauty- Aleesa Sanchez

2nd Alternate to Beauty- Leann Alcala​

1st Alternate to Talent- Karsyn Pell

2nd Alternate to Talent- Irina Almada

1st Alternate to Photogenic- Joanie Schaaf

2nd Alternate to Photogenic- Taylor Skelton

Teen  Alternates


Teen 1st Alternate to Beauty- Sarah Goodman

Teen 2nd Alternate to Beauty- Hailey Pritchett


Teen 1st Alternate to Talent- Presley Martinez

Teen 2nd Alternate to Talent- Amy Dubin


Teen 1st Alternate to Photogenic- Madison Pina

Teen 2nd Alternate to Photogenic- Cheyenne Pell

Teen  Alternates


1st Alternate to Beauty- Serena Clark

2nd Alternate to Beauty- Samantha Blakely

1st Alternate to Talent- Melanie Scherpereel

2nd Alternate to Talent- Vanessa Castrejon

3rd Alternate to Talent- Makenna Myers


1st Alternate to Photogenic- Elisha Tebbs

2nd Alternate to Photogenic- Serena Clark

Tot Special Awards

Best 4 Year Old- Pippa Blair

Best 5 Year Old- Brooklyn Wells

Best 6 Year Old- Katarina Bencomo

Most Enthusiastic- Kendall Bencomo

Best Partywear Model- Andrea Buttke

Most Poised- Madison Carp

Outstanding Stage Personality- Claire Connett

Most Endearing- Elia Crockwell

Best Model- Jerzi Fohr

Best Smile- Isabelle Goodman

Most Animated- Holland McBride

Sweetest Cinderella Tot- Eliana Miller

Best Casualwear Model- Emily Morris

Most Affectionate- Aubri Mosley

Best Disposition- Brynnlee Peterson

Most Sincere- Maddison Rakestraw

Best On-Stage Introduction- Laila Ruane

Most Potential- Brynlee Spears

Most Growth throughout the week- Amber Surgenor

Most Charming- Sophia Surgenor

Most Well-behaved- Sophia Treynor

Most Creative- Deanna Wells

Miss Special Awards

Most Sincere- Mahkenzye Bardett

Most Inspiring- Kennedy Dutcher

Best 11 Year Old- Shandei Helms

Outstanding Vocalist- Nina Kelner

Best 12 Year Old- Mycah Logsdon

Outstanding Acro Dance- Zaliyah Malone

Outstanding Stage Presence- Annette Maynes

Best Partywear Model- Caroline Merrill

Most Energetic Personality- Romina Sanchez

Best Casualwear Model- Lindsey Waters

Best Interview- Alexis Sandoval


Mini Miss Special Awards

Outstanding Character Dance- Harlow Miller

Outstanding Baton- Kaeleigh Ashley

Outstanding Jazz- Kairi Bencomo

Best Casualwear Model- Izabella Gonzales

Outstanding Piano- Isabella Laura

Outstanding Dance Performance- Kaylissa Logan

Best Partywear Model- Kaia Mansker

Outstanding Model- Cydney Reaves

Outstanding Showmanship- Arianna Rosas

Outstanding Athletic Performance- Rylee Smiley

Outstanding Tap Performance- Isabella Treynor


Teen Special Awards

Best Partywear Model- Jessica Bardett

Outstanding Jazz Performance- Kaylei Clark

Outstanding Lyrical Performance- Maritza Jimenez

Most Inspiring Speech- Charlotte Merrill

Outstanding Personality- Kalicia Merrill

Most Elegant Talent Performance- Rebecca Sanchez

Outstanding Stage Presence- Kylee Skelton

Outstanding Interview- Keturah Standley


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